January 7th, 2012

A Semi-Productive Day

It hasn't been a busy day, it hasn't been an emotional day but it has been a semi-productive day.  I say semi because I could have done more but didn't! 

Not really a lot going on, put away 3 baskets of clothes that I had washed and have remained in the baskets since my pops went to the otherside.  Just haven't had the want nor desire to deal with them.  Most of them were sheets and such that I had just washed to put away and then they didn't get put away.  I have also been trying to "catch up" on the laundry as it hasn't been a priority either!  I guess that means that I have way to many clothes because other than doing a couple of loads I haven't done much laundry the last few weeks either. 

I REALLY need to go through my closet and weed out the things I know I won't wear.  I did that last year but it needs to be done again.  I have been working on losing weight off and on for the last year and have about 4 or 5 pair of blue jeans that are brand new that I still haven't gotten into.  I have lost 14 pounds since pops died so I guess I should try them on.  I know that I have a bunch of tops that I don't and probably won't ever wear so I need to go through and then donate them.

Today has been one of those days where you really wish you didn't have a teenager who thinks they know everything.  It can be exhausting sometimes and today is one of those days! 

I am in pain tonight so am not going to write more.  It was a decent day and for that I am happy.

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